Aleksa is an older brother who finally overcame the problems that come with childhood and growing up, while Ivan is in the years when he wants to prove himself, first to others and then to himself. He chooses to follow the same path as his brother, but Aleksa wants to prove to Ivan that nothing good can come out of the street and cheer, because he knows the best how much he had to pay for that. Ivan buys sprays and sneaks into a neighborhood known for rivals, with a desire to destroy their graffiti. Then Aleksa finds him, but he is not the only one. Aleksa receives a phone call from which we learn that Mare, knows that the two of them are in his neighborhood and that they are doing something against his will. We find out that Mare and Aleksa are old "friends" and that they have some unresolved issues. Mare wants Ivan to pay for what he did, but Aleksa wants them to punish him instead. How will Ivan react to that and will his true character come to light in moments of danger?


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